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October 2011 LSAT Scores Released

Like a black leopard in Ohio, the October 2011 LSAT scores are on the loose.

They made you wait over the weekend, but around 2:00 p.m. PST Monday, the LSAC released the first batch of October LSAT scores — sticking to their trend of releasing scores two days ahead of schedule.

Here’s hoping it was worth the wait.

With the release of scores comes the unveiling of the curve. While initial reactions of the LSAT way back around October 1 indicated that it was a pretty standard LSAT, a very lenient curve seems to tell a different story.

For the October 2011 LSAT, test-takers could have missed 13 questions and still scored a 170. They could have scored a 160 if they missed 28 and a 150 if they missed 45. To put that into perspective, this was the most generous curve since December 2009, when students could miss an unheard of 14 and still score a 170.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. For now, chime in in the comments. And yes, you can talk about specific answers. Also, don’t forget to check out Matt Riley’s October 2011 LSAT predictions to see how his prognostications panned out.

*UPDATE: We are getting conflicting reports about which section of the October 2011 LSAT was the experimental — leading to the likelihood that there were different experimental sections throughout the country. Among the reports is this little gem: For some students, the fourth section was the experimental section. If this is correct, this would be the first time in the history of the LSAT that the fourth section was experimental (as far we know). We’ve also had confirmed reports that the second section was experimental. Check your item response sheet on your LSAC page to see which was your experimental section.