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Waiting for February LSAT Scores

Three weeks to wait for an LSAT score is a long time.

Three weeks is one week longer than the Olympics, and that at least has curling. In three weeks you can lose five pounds the bad way, watch enough LOST to wonder how it became a global phenomenon, and finish the entire Twilight series. (The last of these is presented as a fact, not as an accomplishment).

Yet here we are, waiting for February scores to come out three weeks after the test. And by “we”, I mean “you”. Sorry.

It’s particularly frustrating given the fact that many standardized tests give you a score instantly. The GRE and GMAT are both given on a computer in adaptive formats that make the next question easier or harder, depending on your answer. Once you finish, you’re asked if you want to see your score and bam, there it is.

Which seems appropriate, given the fact that it’s 2010. Modern technology has given us the personal computer, put a robot on Mars, and turned Michael Jackson into a Caucasian. One would think that a scantron could be scored in less than three weeks. Yet here we are, consoling ourselves with cookie dough and figure skating as the days unroll. And by “we” I mean “me”.

Our best guess is that February LSAT scores will be released tomorrow or Monday. Until then, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not suffering alone. Everyone else reading “New Moon” is suffering, too.

Article by Jodi Triplett of Blueprint LSAT Preparation.