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Law School Applications Soaring


Since more students took the LSAT in October 2009 than in any single administration in the history of the test, it’s not surprising that law school applications are up. However, we were shocked just to see how up they are. The Herald News reports a 132% increase in applicants over last year at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Yes, you read that correctly. Other schools around the country are reporting increases in their applications, too. Does the news mean you’re doomed? That it’s time to trade in the dream of a JD for a hair net and a name tag?

In our humble opinion, no. Returning to graduate school is a tried and true option during an economic downturn. However, this doesn’t mean that the increase in applications makes for an increase in quality applicants. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you took a prep course for your LSAT or at least realized the importance of the LSAT in applications. Which, by extension, means you hopefully took the time to research the law school process beforehand, get good letters of recommendations, write a good personal statement, etc.

So while the uptick in applications isn’t surprising, it’s not the kiss of death. If you’ve already applied, have faith in your preparation. And if you’re applying this year, make sure your applications are amazing (including getting a great LSAT score) so you can stand out in a crowd.