Use Your Final Days Before the October LSAT Wisely

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    Here it is: the final week before the October LSAT. If you’re taking the LSAT this Saturday, it’s important that you use the next few days wisely.

    You should be putting the final touches on your LSAT skills as you study. Take a timed test or two, do some timed sections, and review them carefully. Most of what you do should be close to what you’ll do on LSAT test day: 35-minute sections, with a clock. It isn’t the time to make any drastic changes to your technique, but try to identify your weak areas and tweak things as needed.

    It’s just as important that you taper off the amount you study. You should put some good work in over the next few days, but not so much that it comes at the expense of sleep or sanity. The LSAT isn’t a test that you can cram for. And in any case Thursday should be your last day of studying.

    Friday, do not touch a thing related to the LSAT. Seriously, don’t do it. There’s nothing new you can learn the day before the LSAT; your success depends on what you’ve been doing over the last couple months. Do whatever it takes to get your mind off the LSAT. Whatever it takes. As long as it doesn’t leave you impaired Saturday morning or leave you with a record that might make it hard for you to get admitted to a state bar down the line, it’s a good plan.

    Aside from the last little bit of studying, there are some other things you should do this week. Make sure you have all the materials you’ll need for LSAT test day collected and ready to go in a Ziploc bag. That includes the dreaded passport photo; if you don’t have it yet, now’s the time.

    Get a snack for LSAT test day. If you’re up for it, get together with some LSAT studying friends for a blind tasting of various energy bars.

    Go on a dry run to your LSAT testing center. Where is it exactly? How will you get there? If you’re driving, where will you park? If it’s a large campus, where is the building you’ll need to go to? It’s better to have been there and figured it all out, so that Saturday morning brings as little added stress as possible.

    Above all, get enough sleep, starting now. Get some exercise (that’ll help with the sleep, too). Eat right. You want to be in peak condition Saturday morning.

    Check this LSAT blog on Wednesday for some predictions about what will be on the October LSAT. Also, the deadline to withdraw your registration for the October LSAT is Friday night at midnight Eastern Time. We’ll have a post up Thursday to help you with that decision.

    The end is in sight. By Saturday afternoon, you’ll be celebrating having the October LSAT over and done with. Stay sane this week, and good luck!

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