Update: Blueprint LSAT Prep Movie Quotes Contest Change

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    Consider this the sequel to Monday’s LSAT blog post. Or at least, its gritty reboot.

    Over on the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page, we are running a new contest that involves posting a quote from a law-related film and having our followers guess which movie it’s from. Originally, we gave away a $50 discount off a summer Blueprint online LSAT course or $100 off our summer live LSAT class to the first person to comment with the correct answer. After some thought, we’ve decided to open things up to give more people a chance to win. Here’s the update:

    After we post the quote on the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page, followers will have a set amount of time to comment with the movie title. We will then pick a name at random from those who comment with the correct answer. That way it’s not dependent on whether or not you were on Facebook at the same time as us.

    Again, the discount is only good for summer enrollment (prep for the October LSAT) in either Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course or Blueprint’s live LSAT class. It cannot be combined with other discounts, and the contest is open to anyone not currently or formerly employed by Blueprint LSAT Prep. And remember: each quote will be from a law-related movie.

    Look for the next quote to be up later today.

    Good luck!

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