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Under Closer Inspection: The October 2012 LSAT

If you took the October 2012 LSAT, you should have gotten an email today from LSAC SCORE with the subject line “Your October 2012 LSAT Score.” LSAC may have its faults, but not being explicit ain’t one of them. And once you click on that email, as I’m sure most of you have, there it is. Three little numbers saying how you did on the test. Then, if you’re like most people, it’s straight to the bottle, either to celebrate or to grieve.

(If you haven’t gotten your October LSAT score back it’s probably because they lost your test, or because they’re waiting until the end to give out all the really bad LSAT scores.)


If your October LSAT score was great, congratulations! Now send those law school applications in! The sooner your applications are processed, the better your chances, so now’s not the time for stalling. If your October LSAT score wasn’t so great, sign up for the December LSAT right now. You’ve got a month of study time, so get cracking.

But about the test itself? It didn’t seem too off from the predictions I made a few weeks ago; it was pretty standard. The curve allowed 10 misses for a 170, which is considered to be a very middle-of-the-road test. Games were tricky but not terrible, LR was pretty standard for the most part with a couple curveballs, and reading comp was boring and pretty difficult, but nothing to really write home about.

For myself, it went a whole hell of a lot better than I anticipated. I took the October LSAT right in the middle of a bout with mono, so I was expecting a supermassive drop, but ended up with a 177. So I’m in no position to complain. I missed one in games, which I think was just some stupid error on my part, and two in reading comp (one on the damn !Kung passage and another on the final passage, which surprised me because I thought I aced that one, but I think I misread something in one of the ACs). And I missed the papercrete LR question, which I thought was a pretty tricky question at the time, but the wrong AC I picked seems glaringly wrong. But all things considered, pretty good test.

But what about you guys? Happy? Sad? Hungry? Give us your reactions below.