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Top 5 things to do the day before the LSAT:

We know the time is near and some of you are beginning to feel the nerves. We understand. We’ve been there. We know how it is.

But, as you know, learning the material is only part of the battle. If you’re to fare well on the LSAT, it’s also important that you go into the test with a calm state of mind. Of course, this is far easier said than done. Sure, you want to relax and enter the test with the best possible mindset, but you don’t know how.

Accordingly, and just in the nick of time, Matt and Trent have compiled a list of the Top 5 activities for guys and girls on the day before the LSAT. Treat this as a to-do list on this most sacred of Fridays.

If you can check all these off, you’re sure to walk into the test center cool, calm and collected.