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Three Brews to Try While Waiting for Your LSAT Score

You’ve managed to forego the urge to cancel your LSAT score. And now…you wait.

Caught in some sort of evil LSAT score limbo, you’re left with little to do but work on law school applications and twiddle your collective thumbs. It occurs to me that you could use something to do. And we wouldn’t want you to go and do something productive now would we? Absolutely not! And thus, here comes a list of fine craft beers that you can drink to pass the time while waiting for your LSAT score.

1. The Bruery Autumn Maple

If you’re somewhere besides California (and maybe even if you are), the weather’s starting to cool down, foliage is changing color and Christmas decorations are popping up way too early at your local Party Palace. Seems about time you started drinking robust holiday beers. Look no further than Autumn Maple. An enormous Belgian-Style Brown brewed with maple syrup, spices and roasted yams, Autumn Maple tastes like Thanksgiving in a glass. Its taste alone will make you forget all about your impending LSAT score, never mind the fact that it also contains 10% ABV.

2. Deus Biere de Champagne

You know what this is? It’s a celebration bi…I’ll let Kanye take care of the rest of that. The point is, you’re done with the test and now have only to wait for your LSAT score. You can’t ask for a more appropriate beer than Deus. Contained in super-classy corked and caged bottles (eerily reminiscent of Dom Perignon) and hand-riddled just like the finest champagnes, there is no more appropriate celebratory beer than Deus. This one’ll also put you on your arse at a whopping 11% ABV.

3. Midnight Sun TREAT

Brewed in Anchorage, AK (which is where some of you might want to escape to after receiving your LSAT score) TREAT is the most October-appropriate beer there is. An Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter, it combines black and orange in a way few others manage. Filled with pumpkin pie spices and a healthy dose of chocolate, it’s like a glass of dessert. Have it with a slice of chocolate cake and fade swiftly into a sea of food coma-induced bliss. LSAT score? What LSAT score?

Until next week, who else still remembers Craig Kilborn?