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The Morning Cometh: The June 2010 LSAT Aftermath

BPPdave-lsat-blog-sunriseAnd…the world has continued to turn. People have continued to eat, drink, and be merry. The oil refining arm of Blueprint has continued to languish in incompetence as oil gushes into the waters off the Gulf Coast.

In short, life has gone on after the LSAT.

Or has it?

Judging by the clientele at the Blueprint post-LSAT shindig last night, there will be some serious navel-gazing throughout the next few weeks as the cancellation deadline comes and goes (and also likely some semi-serious hangovers this morning).

There was some crazy game about mulch that threw a bunch of people, and in general, games appeared to crush the hopes and dreams of many. The LR and RC didn’t sound like it was the worst, although Matt’s beloved bees apparently showed up again. But once games dropped the hammer, people were rattled.

As we tried to caution people last night, everyone feels like they were hit by a Mack truck immediately after the LSAT. The anxiety and second-guessing is normal. Unless you know you completely mis-bubbled a section, or know that you had to bubble in “D” for two entire reading comprehension passages, it’s tough to determine exactly what the damage is. Check out our featured video on canceling on the right side of this site. Try to think about how you performed rationally and calmly before making a decision on canceling.

For now, be glad that you’re done, and that you managed to get through it. Merely sitting for the test without becoming a pool of nerves on the floor is something to be proud of.

Keep the comments rolling. Let us know if you’re thinking of canceling. Maybe we can talk you off the ledge.