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The Morning Cometh: June 2012 LSAT Aftermath

Once again, a Law School Admission Test has come and gone. The June 2012 LSAT will never come again, and now comes the dreaded period of waiting for your score. So what are people saying about the test?

We’ve heard back from a lot of students, and it seems like the difficulty may have been pretty standard. Some thought it was hard, but a pretty equal number thought it was easy, and most people seem to think that it fell somewhere in the middle. So you shouldn’t be too surprised if it turns out that the curve was neither particularly forgiving nor damning.

In spite of the relatively standard difficulty, it certainly wasn’t a forgettable test. A lot of people reported that LR seemed to be sort of strange. Not necessarily terribly difficult, but there may have been some weird language that threw people for a loop. Some people were comparing it to some of the LR sections from the early 90s, and there may have been some very unexpected answer choices. Others insist outside knowledge was necessary to answer a few questions. When the test is finally released in about a month, we’ll all be eagerly going over it to see if any of this was in fact true.

There was a definite change with games, though. Each game was spread over two pages, leaving tons of scratch paper down below. This meant that the games section was eight pages long, instead of four. Which is mostly a good thing – the more scratch paper you have, the better. Also, those who had experimental games found that same surplus of space on both sections, so hopefully this will be a permanent change. The worst part about it was just the fact that it was a surprise, and sort of shook people a bit. As for the content, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of consensus. Some people found it to be very difficult section, while others found it to be very easy. And when that happens, it’s often the case that it was just somewhere in the middle.

RC is what people are talking about the least. It seems like it was fairly straightforward, and it may have been the easiest section of the test.

If you did poorly and are thinking about canceling, check back in tomorrow for our post about whether or not you should cancel. Don’t cancel before then – give yourself another night to sleep on it. As for those of you who did well, congratulations! The June 2012 LSAT is finally over, and now you can just sit back and wait for those scores to roll in.