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The Merits of the June 2019 Exam


If you’ve been considering signing up for the June LSAT, next Wednesday, April 24, is your last chance. If you’re still on some fence, here are some considerations that may push you off it:

1. It’s the last administration of the LSAT where you’re guaranteed to take the test on paper

LSAC is rolling out the digital version of the test over the summer: The June LSAT will be on paper, but in July you’ll be randomly given either the digital or the paper test, and after July it’ll be all digital all the time.

There are a lot of advantages to the digital test, but the fact remains that change is scary, and a lot of people still feel more comfortable with the good ol’ pencil-and-paper version at this point. If this describes you and you want one more whack at the paper test, June’s your date.

2. It’s in the afternoon

Most administrations of the LSAT start at crack-of-dawn-o-clock, but not June, which is LSAC’s nod to night owls. For the June administration of the test, you can enjoy a leisurely morning and start your LSAT at the utterly humane time of 12:30 pm, whereas for many test administrations you’ll need to drag your carcass to the test center by 8:30 am.

3. It’s disclosed

Many of the added test administrations are nondisclosed, meaning that you’ll receive a score, but you won’t have any idea how many questions you got wrong and you won’t be able to look at the questions again later. Some people are okay with that, as they never want to see an LSAT question again after they take the test, but others like to know exactly what they got wrong, either because they’re continuing to study or just for ~closure~. If you think you might want that additional information, the June LSAT is one of your relatively limited options.

4. It gives you plenty of time to get your application wrapped up early, retakes or no

The early bird gets the worm, as they say, and people who take the LSAT in June are definitely early birds. If you take the LSAT in June and are happy with your score, you can quickly turn your attention to the other parts of your application, and you’re likely to get everything wrapped up earlier than most. And if you need to retake the LSAT, you have plenty of chances to take it again and still get your applications wrapped up relatively early.

5. It doesn’t occur at the same time as school

If you’re still in school, you may be wondering how to juggle taking the LSAT and your schoolwork. While taking the June LSAT will likely require you to study during the lead-up to finals, at most schools, by June the semester is over. So you can spend the final weeks before your LSAT focusing solely on LSAT studies.

There have always been a lot of advantages to taking the LSAT in June, but with the advent of the digital LSAT, there are some particular advantages to taking the LSAT this year. If you’re still on that fence, consider hopping off — there’s a lot to like about June.