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The LSAT and Coachella: More in Common Than You’d Think

Scoring high on the LSAT and at Coachella mean totally different things, but this past weekend I discovered that some things LSAT prep and some things Coachella are totally the same!

Picture a Venn diagram. It’s easy. I do it all the time. Label one circle LSAT prep and the other Coachella. In the narrow football shaped cross-section of the LSAT prep slash Coachella Venn diagram, I found the following nuggets of wisdom:

How the LSAT is Like Coachella I: You will lose track of your friends

At some point, despite your best efforts, friends you fully intended to hang out with go unseen for vast swathes of time.

At Coachella, your inseparable crew will separate and go off in different directions. While studying for the LSAT, you simply won’t have time to attend all the social functions to which you may be accustomed. So, whether you’re romping around the polo fields or seated at your bedroom desk, just know that when it’s over it will be much easier to coordinate hang outs.

Note: Your friends will forgive you when you disappear; your mind was somewhere else.

How the LSAT is Like Coachella II: You will get exhausted

Keep in mind that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. At Coachella, it’s three consecutive days in 100-degree heat with lots of walking and a steady mixture of standing and dancing. Studying for the LSAT won’t burn your skin or calories like Coachella, but the mental effort required is just as strenuous as the physical demands of a weekend-long music festival. Budget your energy so you don’t collapse. Bottom line, you want to peak at the right moment, the June LSAT or possibly Disclosure. So pace yourself!

Note: While you shouldn’t go HAM day one of LSAT prep, you could go HAIM day one of Coachella.

How the LSAT is Like Coachella III: You will be rewarded for planning

You can’t just show up unprepared and expect to get the most out of it. Each year the Coachella lineup changes but essentially it’s the same thing. It’s a lot like the LSAT, the wording of the questions gets altered but the question types are the same. The time you put in preparing for the exam will help you tremendously once you’re there. So while you may be surprised at first by what you see, it’s really just the same thing but different.

Also, know what to bring and where to go. Consult a map and figure out the parking situation. Take a look at what is and is not allowed inside. I’m talking double about the LSAT exam and the festival grounds. So whether it’s extra pencils or glow sticks, sunscreen or eraser, gallon-size Ziploc or tribal pattern fanny pack, it’s good to be prepared.

Note: Hoods are not allowed at LSAT test centers while Spirit Hoods should not be allowed anywhere, ever.