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The Dawn Breaks: June 2011 LSAT Recap

As you most likely know already, June scores are back. If you took the test, we hope it went well for you. Whether you’re celebrating your high score or anti-celebrating your anti-high score, after you got your score you probably immediately went over your misses. We’ve been looking over the test, too, and it seems (as predicted) it was a pretty standard test. Overall, it was neither incredibly easy nor incredibly hard. This was reflected by the curve – you could miss 10 for a 170, which is very standard. It got a bit harder toward the top, as you could miss only 1 for a 180, and a 176 wasn’t even on the table. As for the content of the test itself, there were very few surprises.

Games – This was a very easy games section. Certainly easier than December’s games. The first one was a grouping game that was incredibly fast and easy once you had a good setup. The second and third games were a bit harder, but still very manageable. They both required that you know how to deal with “but not both” ordering rules. If you diagrammed the necessary scenarios from those rules, you’d be doing fine. The last game was probably the hardest, but it still wasn’t awful. It was an underbooked ordering game, and finding the different distributions of colors (there were four possibilities) made everything a whole lot easier. All in all, pretty easy stuff, and games was likely the major reason that there wasn’t a more generous curve.

RC – Reading comp was perhaps the hardest section, but not by much. The only thing that stood out was the second passage, which about Kate Chopin, some stuffy old writer you never knew about nor wanted to know about. A careful reading of the passage, making sure to keep yourself engaged, would have gotten you through the questions at a decent clip.

LR – Logical reasoning doesn’t really have as much variation as games or RC. Even if there are a couple abnormally tough questions, they’re just a single question each, so there tend to be fewer really “hard” or “easy” LR sections in general. And this test was no different. Neither of them really had anything super crazy going on. The 26-question section was maybe a smidgen harder. That’s the one with the Parallel Flaw question about taxing wealth and the Sufficient Assumption question about old people drinking milk, both of which were pretty rough.

So that’s it. If your test went well, congrats. Get started on those applications. If it didn’t go so well, then you can start thinking about retaking so long as you have the time and energy to put in more work than you did last time.