Summer Classes Starting This Week in LA, Irvine, Berkeley, and NY!

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    Drums, please. It’s summer, summer, summertime, so let’s just sit back and unwind. As DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince taught us, summer is a time when school is out, the weather is hot and girls are dressing less. A time of riding around in your Jeep or Benzos, or in your Nissan sitting on Lorenzos. Of breaking to your crib to change your clothes once more, because you’re invited a barbecue that’s starting at four. When every moment you’re fronting and maxing, chilling in the car you spent all day waxing.

    Unless, of course, you’re planning on applying to law school next year, in which case summertime is a time to buckle down and study for the September LSAT. It’s a tough grind—enough to make you feel more Carlton than Fresh Prince. But Blueprint LSAT can help, because this week, we’re starting classes in Downtown Los Angeles (which, btw, is held at Southwestern Law School, LA’s most popular spot to take the LSAT, and enrollment in the course will give you free access to Southwestern’s parking facilities, law library, and gym, and a fee waiver to apply to Southwestern), UCLA (and, btw, space in our UCLA classes is filling up quickly, with one class already at capacity), Irvine, Berkeley, and New York to help you prepare for the September exam.

    And these classes give you so much help. By signing up for a class, you get 112 hours of instruction from some of the best LSAT instructors in the biz. They’ll take you step-by-step through each section of the LSAT, transforming you from the LSAT equivalent of an unwashed peasant to a veritable fresh prince. Learn all about our amazing classroom experience right here!

    And best of all, these classes are starting early. By starting over three months before the LSAT on September 16th, you’ll be giving yourself plenty of time to both master the LSAT and spend time at barbecues, summer hang outs, beaches, or wherever the summertime may take you.

    And there’s still time to sign up! Below are a list of the day each class is starting this week, and a link to sign up!

    Summer DTLA 1: June 10
    Summer UCLA Day 1: June 12
    Summer Irvine 1: June 10
    Summer Berkeley 1: June 10
    Summer New York Day 1: June 13

    We hope to see you at our summer hang out—the Blueprint classroom!

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