Summer Classes Are Starting in NY and LA This Weekend!

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    It’s definitely summer time. You probably know this after having already swerved through exotic locales in tricked out cars with the Fast & Furious gang in F8st and Furi8us 8: The F8te 8f the Furi8us8. Or getting your annual dosage of superhero fare with Guardians of the Galaxy. Or perhaps the rising temperature, the start of the NBA finals, or the increased prominence of barbecues in your life tipped you off. Or, maybe you, like Mungo Jerry, can sense it’s summer simply because the weather is fine.

    But we here at Blueprint, nerds that we are, plan our lives around the LSAT schedule. And we know it’s summer because our summer classes are about to begin! And the summer time is our favorite time of year. In fact, we love the summer so much that we’re getting a head start on preparing for the September LSAT. We have two classes in New York and Los Angeles that are getting started this weekend—tomorrow, Saturday, June 3rd—nearly four months before the exam on September 16th.

    Enrolling in these courses is going to be the best investment into making your law school dreams come true. And giving yourself nearly four months to learn the LSAT gives you the best chance to get an LSAT score that can propel you into the top law schools. The course is going to give you 112 hours of instruction that will turn you into an LSAT superhero, worthy of your own Marvel movie franchise. Learn all about our classroom experience here!

    The New York class that’s starting this weekend is being taught by the esteemed Kevin Lin, who has been helping his students achieve their law school dreams since he was a wee undergrad at UC Berkeley. The Los Angeles class that’s starting this weekend will be taught by the venerable Kyle Gerhmann, whose knowledge of the LSAT is only surpassed by his skills in the art of fine pastries (he’s been known to dish out both LSAT knowledge and baked goods to his classes).

    And there’s still time to enroll! Head over to our website and check out the 2017 Summer New York 1 class and the 2017 Summer UCLA1 class. In fact, because we love our people on the best coast so much, we’re even offering a discount to enroll in the UCLA1 summer LSAT course this weekend. When you enroll in Kyle’s Summer UCLA1 course, simply enter UCLA400 at checkout to get $400 off the enrollment price!

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