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Studying with Victoria: The Calm Before the LSAT Storm


Classical Languages major at UC Berkeley by day, fangirl by night, and part-time zombie hunter whenever she can get the Xbox to work, Victoria emerges from a small town in southern California to train tirelessly for the upcoming LSAT and to chronicle the experience as a student blogger for the Blueprint live LSAT course in Berkeley.

It’s T-minus two days before I sit my first practice LSAT. Two days to soak in those glorious empty days of summer break, two days to do absolutely nothing. Except pack. And make the drive up the I-5 to a place where people think “hella” is an acceptable intensifier for any sentence. Good bye, God, I’m going to Berkeley. OK, so the quote works better with Bodie and it’s not as if I haven’t been living in Berkeley for the better part of four years already. In an effort to convince myself that this is going to be the best possible way to spend my summer, I’m making a list of pros and cons.

Pros: I’ll be living at my apartment in Berkeley. There will be new and awesome people to meet in the Blueprint class. I’ll be doing something productive, i.e. learning to kick ass and take names on the LSAT.

Cons: I’ll be living at my apartment in Berkeley. No more waking up on the couch thinking that you’re watching a TV show about ancient, island-hopping Polynesians who ate cupcakes before you realize that 1) it doesn’t make sense and 2) you must have rolled over on the remote in your sleep because instead of watching a History Channel special about pre-Columbian discoveries of America, you’re now watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Actually, that might be a pro.

Truth be told, I’m pretty psyched to be starting the Blueprint course. I mean, how can you go wrong when a LSAT prep company sends you a bottle opener and a lollipop that says “The LSAT doesn’t have to suck” with your prep books? Oh Blueprint, you had me at the bottle opener. Well, that and their awesome website. Seriously, just looking at that website makes me pumped to get started on the road to becoming an LSAT-badass. I haven’t even started the course yet and I’m getting excited about pwning the October LSAT like Alexander the Great pwned Tyre. If you haven’t heard about that, go check out the “Siege of Tyre” article on Wikipedia. Tyre might have started out as an island, but Alexander left it a peninsula because he wanted to take it that badly. Classics nerd moment aside, I think any program that can inspire that sort of sentiment from the get-go is worth the time it’s going to take.

After I come off the high of thinking about owning the LSAT at some point in the future and realize that I still have to take the prep course, I’m pretty calm about this whole thing. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to do it. The October 9 LSAT is going to be here sooner than I’d like to think, and let’s face it, friends don’t let friends take the LSAT unprepared.

They say that every journey starts with a single step. My journey starts with a practice LSAT this Saturday. I may be missing the SyFy made-for-TV spectacular Dinocroc vs. Supergator, but that’s not going to bother me. Well, not too much at least.