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Starting with the June LSAT, LSAC to Score Writing Samples

We’ve heard rumblings about a potential change regarding the LSAT writing sample section for quite some time, and today LSAC announced that beginning with the June LSAT the writing samples will now be scored.

The structure of the exam remains the same. The writing sample will appear as the final section and just as before, examinees will be presented with a decision prompt and provided two criteria for making a decision. However, the essays will now be scored from 1-5. LSAC stated on its website that scoring for the section will be based on factors including but not limited to, “argument structure, clarity, persuasiveness, grammar and punctuation.” Spelling was not listed, but some have already hinted that misspelled words could lower one’s score under the clarity and/or grammar criterion.

Law schools have often disregarded the efficacy of the writing sample in admissions decisions because admissions counselors were ill equipped to grade them. An unnamed admissions counselor at a top14 law school was quoted in response to the change saying, “We’ve always considered the writing sample as one aspect when evaluating applicants, but now it will certainly be given more weight.”

If you’re freaking out about this change, it’s important to note that the writing sample score (1-5) will be separate from the overall scaled LSAT score of 180.

Also, this is totally made up, so happy April Fool’s, and go back to studying.