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Should I cancel my September LSAT score?


You have a few days left, but, if you’re considering canceling your September 2016 LSAT score, it’s time to give it serious thought.

Directly below, you will find a timeless classic of Blueprint videography, To Cancel or Not to Cancel, featuring Blueprint founder and certified LSAT-cancelologist, Matt Riley. Yes, the title is formulated as the famous soliloquy from Hamlet because it is basically the LSAT version of Shakespeare. Give it a gander, and then meet me below to discuss the particulars (or “particklers” as they say when considering cancellation in Bayou country) of canceling your score.


So, did you make up your mind? If not, you have six calendar days from your test date. (Before doing anything, please look at this page on the website to make sure you’re in compliance with all the ticky-tacky rules about which these people like to be sticklers.) For regular LSAT takers, that deadline is this Friday, September 30th. For Sabbath observers, who are experiencing the horrors of test day today, that date is Sunday, October 2nd.

You can cancel online at Please give yourself plenty of time to cancel. Do not get the ball rolling at oh, say, 11:58 pm on the last day to cancel. No no no. Prepare, although you needn’t make your final decision until that day.

If you’re on the fence, you should know that most schools are focused primarily on a student’s top LSAT score, because that’s all they need to report to the ABA in their disclosures. However, if you’re worried about how a less-than-impressive first score will look versus a cancellation, contact the school(s) you’re intent on going to and just ask how they look at these things. Make sure you talk to an admissions officer, not the schmo at the front desk.

Feel free to check in below in the comments with questions about canceling, and we’ll do our very best to give you the right information or point you to where that kind of information lives. And if you decide to take the LSAT again, let us know how we can be of help! We have plenty of options for retakers, including some pretty great standalone LSAT textbooks.