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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget: next Tuesday, October 23 is the deadline to postpone or change your test center location for the November LSAT, or to withdraw for a partial refund. LSAC

B. Researchers at Berkeley are tracking students’ eye movements as they take the LSAT to learn more about how we absorb and encode information. And according to these researchers, your eye should have at least 23 movements as you do an LR question. So if your eyes are maxing out at 22 movements, maybe working on the final eye movement will push you over the edge? Berkeley

C. Pro-tip for law schools: Before rolling out new exam software, check to see if it’s compatible with the latest version of Windows and MacOS that all your students use. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of 1Ls — who don’t need much to get peeved — getting peeved. Above the Law

D. Columbia Law is launching an LL.M. program for foreign lawyers that will take only six months — about half that of a typical LL.M. program. Let’s see if they can cut down their J.D. program by half now, too.

E. Your weekend #inspo: this video of a woman learning that she just passed the Illinois state bar. CBS Chicago