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RSVP to the LSAT Webinar This Saturday, November 18!

It isn’t easy to stay motivated and productive through the winter flu season and the rapid approach of the holidays. I know I’m counting down the days until it’s time to give thanks with our families while eating copious amounts of turkey (or for us vegetarians, usually just pie). The good news is that you can take full advantage of Blueprint’s upcoming webinar on the LSAT without even leaving the comfort of your Snuggie.

This webinar is coming up at noon this Saturday, November 18th, so don’t forget that you’ll need to RSVP at the link here.

In even better news, all webinar attendees will receive $300 off a live Blueprint classroom course or $75 off their first month of the online subscription.

If you are wondering what a webinar on the LSAT entails, here’s what’s going to be covered:

-Will the webinar explain what the LSAT is? Yes! The webinar will teach you what material you can expect to find on the LSAT, explain how your LSAT score is determined, and tell you why it’s so important to your future law career.

-Will you get to try out some real LSAT questions? You bet!

-Are you going to be introduced to the LSAT by Blueprint’s own venerable instructor, Ross Rinehart? Absolutely! Ross scored a 170 on the LSAT, attended law school at USC and he comes to you with an incredible 11 years of experience teaching.

Just think … a week from now when your family is prying into your personal life over Thanksgiving dinner, this webinar will give you the kind of valuable information to inform your future career that you’ll be happy to share with all of your distant relations.