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Logical Reasonings

A. There’s still time to RSVP to the webinar we’re hosting tomorrow, Thursday, November 16th at 6 pm PST. We’ll be laying out everything you want to know about law school admissions. If you can’t make that one, then check out the one on Saturday, November 18th at noon, where we’ll discuss the LSAT. Attend either and you’ll get a $300 discount on our classroom course and a $75 discount on online subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. Wake Forest is the latest school to succumb to the GRE, presently law schools’ most tempting mistress. Above the Law

C. Wisconsin is so hard up for public defenders to rural criminal defendants that it’s offering to pay off volunteers’ student loans. Journal Sentinel

D. An LAPD officer either accidentally filmed himself planting cocaine on a suspect or purposefully tried to make an on-the-job acting reel for his turn as a crooked cop. Vox

E. In responding to the tragic shooting in Northern California, Trump forgot to change the name of the city when he copy-and-pasted an old Tweet he sent in response to Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting. This riled the feathers of a bunch of Twitter users, but isn’t the bigger problem that there are enough of these that copy-pasting becomes necessary? NY Post