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RSVP for the Two Webinars on Wednesday, August 30!


This has been a thrilling week, what with Monday’s eclipse, Sunday’s action-packed Game of Thrones episode, and the weekend’s surprise release of a brand new Brand New album (which made my inner emo teenager almost burst with happiness).

After all that excitement, you may be wondering whether next week could possibly top this one. Wonder no more, because we are putting on two webinars next Wednesday to walk you through the finer points of the LSAT and law school admissions. And if that weren’t exciting enough, you’ll get a discount on our ace LSAT prep materials just for hanging out with us–we’re offering $300 off our live course and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription.

Here are the details for each webinar:

LSAT Webinar: 8/30, 12pm – 1pm PDT

Whether you’ve yet to crack an LSAT book or have gotten started but could use some guidance, our LSAT webinar will provide answers to some of your most burning questions, including: How is the LSAT scored, and how much does your score really matter in law school admissions? What should you be looking for when you read a Logical Reasoning question? And how the hell does anyone figure out those Logic Games in eight minutes or less?

Your fearless leader for the webinar will be Ross Rinehart, a veteran Blueprint LSAT instructor who scored a 170 on the LSAT and attended USC Law. I heard that in his spare time, he also rescues kittens from trees and helps little old ladies cross the street.

If you’d like to learn how to slay the LSAT, RSVP here.

Law School Admissions Webinar: 8/30, 6pm – 7pm PDT

There are a lot of myths and Fake NewsTM swirling around when it comes to law school admissions. In our law school admissions webinar, we’ll demystify the application process for you. There’s a lot to think about, including the best time to apply, how to ask for a letter of recommendation, and (gulp) what to write your personal statement about – but no worries, because we’ve got you covered.

University of Chicago Law grad Kyle Gerhmann will be manning the helm for this webinar–he’s short on hair but long on admissions wisdom, so you’re in great hands. In addition to the whole being-a-lawyer thing, Kyle is the proud owner of a 171 on the LSAT. His grandmother reports that he is exceptional in every way.

If you’re up for an hour of law school admissions wisdom, RSVP here.