Our Spring Tutoring Sale is On!

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    The June LSAT is coming up — in 42 days, to be exact. Does that inspire panic? Do you wish you had a friend to study with? A friend who was really really good at the LSAT and who for some reason only wanted to work on the areas you needed help with?

    You probably don’t have someone who can do all that for you, but it’s your lucky week anyway. We’re having a sale, and all Blueprint tutoring packages are 20% off through 6 pm PDT this Friday. All you need to do is enter the promo code TUTORME20 when you check out online, or just call in and mention the sale.

    Want just a couple hours to work through a few difficult concepts? You get 20% off. Want to do a 10-hour package for regular check-ins between now and the LSAT? You get 20% off, too. Want to do a premier package with plenty of hours and access to our online class to prep comprehensively for the July LSAT? You guessed it. Everybody gets 20% off!

    After this Friday afternoon, not only will the sale be over but you’ll also be five days closer to the LSAT. So if you want some one-on-one help with the LSAT, don’t delay. Check out the options, check out our tutors, and don’t hesitate to call in if you have any questions. Remember, the code is TUTORME20 and it expires Friday at 6 pm PDT.

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