Our Labor Day Sale Starts Now!

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    Back in the good old days, Labor Day marked the beginning of the school year. Labor Day reminded everybody to buy some new notebooks, put some aloe on their sunburns, and prepare for the academic season to start. For the subset of undergrads and members of the workforce applying to law school in the coming fall, it’s even more important to get ready, because the workload is about to become intense.

    If you’re studying for the LSAT this year, and especially if your LSAT studies coincide with your applications, you need the kind of course that’ll keep you LSAT work on track. Luckily, Blueprint’s having a Labor Day Sale just in time for all of those students who plan to take the exam and apply to law school during this cycle.

    The Labor Day Sale will last from Friday, August 31st (9 am PDT) through Tuesday, September 4th (11:59PM PDT). You don’t want to wait to purchase your course because the sale gives you $300 off the classroom course (promo code: LABORDAY300) or $75 off the first month of an online course subscription (promo code: LABORDAY75).

    Ask yourself: are you prepared for the deluge of LSAT studying and writing involved in the law school application process? If you aren’t ready yet, it’s time to take advantage of Blueprint’s Labor Day Sale.

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