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Logical Reasonings

A. Interestingly, early data indicate that the number of people signed up to take LSATs this year is down from last year. This is good news for this year’s law school applicants. @SpiveyConsult

B. The Trump Administration doesn’t have the most sterling record for advancing civil rights, to say the least, but maybe his resentment toward Harvard will compel him to do unexpected things. At any rate, the Justice Department has signaled its support for the group of Asian-Americans suing Harvard Law School for discriminatory admissions policies. LA Times

C. However, Trump’s beneficence will not extend to civilian federal employers, like federal prosecutors and U.S. attorneys … CNN

D. … Or the Mueller-cooperating White House counsel. Slate

E. Feel like you’re losing a grip on reality, bogged down in nothing but the LSAT? Well, we’re not necessarily going to endorse this, but scientists say they have a cure. Inverse