Other Side Effects of LSAT Prep (Besides Making You Smarter)

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    Last week we covered an exciting scientific study which showed that studying with Blueprint LSAT Prep can actually make you a smarter person. For those spending their days and nights submerged in LSAT reading comp passages, and endless logical reasoning problems, it’s nice to know that all your effort has some bonus beneficial consequences on top of, you know, getting you into law school. But the rewards don’t end there! While we might not have the same academically rigorous studies to back it up, there are actually a number of other great side effects of LSAT prep that we’ve noticed. Effects such as…

    Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep I: Saving You Money

    Studying for the LSAT can cost a decent chunk of change, what with LSAT books, prep courses, and registering for LSAT test day. But once you start studying, you’ll notice that many other expenditures go way down. Blowing half your paycheck at bars on the weekend is now a thing of the past, as you spend your Saturday nights learning all the magical LSAT logical fallacies. No more do you have to spend money to see movies with your friends, because now your only friends are a bunch of clowns getting out of a car, and the only thing they want to talk about is the order in which they’re exiting their Volkswagen.

    Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep II: Reducing Disease

    You know where you get diseases? From other people. And as we all know, when you’re studying for the LSAT, you’re not going to see other people that much anymore. When you’re in your room all day learning about the unbridled joys of LSAT reading comp, you can’t catch a bug from strangers. And you won’t be going out in the sun much, either, reducing the risk of skin cancer. So not only will studying make you more prepared, it’ll make you healthier, too.

    Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep III: Making You More Attractive

    Well, eventually. While you’re studying for the LSAT, you might find that you’ve involuntarily taken on the “frazzled chic” look. This is often associated with mismatched clothing, sunken eyes, and just a general lack of awareness of one’s own appearance. But after studying and then rocking the LSAT, you’ll be on your way to the life of a well-groomed lawyer and, even more importantly when it comes to being attractive, the matching paycheck.

    Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep IV: Getting You into Law School

    This is the number one benefit of the LSAT. The more you prep for the LSAT, the better you’re going to do, and the better law school you’ll get into. So take comfort in the other benefits from the LSAT, and get back to studying. Before you know it, you’ll be a frugal, healthy, attractive 1L.

    Not to mention smarter.

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