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October 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

The October LSAT is in the books, and reactions have been mixed. It was either the hardest LSAT you’ve ever taken, or the easiest. You’ll have to wait for your LSAT score to find out for sure.

We’ve got a fantastic comments thread going down on our October LSAT Instant Recap, written by Blueprint LSAT Prep’s own Colin Elzie — who took his third career LSAT despite coming down with mono.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Matt Shinners followed that up with yesterday’s October LSAT Morning Cometh post, which takes a look at the exam 24 hours after its completion. Usually LSAT test-takers feel much different about the LSAT after they’ve had a night’s rest to think about it.

Another way to gauge how people are feeling about the October LSAT is to take a stroll around the blogosphere. So lace up those New Balances and hop aboard the Most Strongly Supported October 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival:

Kaleigh thought the October LSAT was a piece of cake, despite LSAC handing her a Reading Comp experimental section.

This historian has no idea how he did on the October LSAT, but he’ll let us know.

Verna’s October LSAT test day got off to a rocky start when she wrote down the wrong Social Security number.

The Napping Giraffe is just happy the October LSAT is over so she can get back to her Kindle.

Jennifer is trying stay level-headed about the October LSAT.

JJ made sure to celebrate after taking the October LSAT.

Peter used his October LSAT experience to give some words of advice to future LSAT test-takers.

How do you feel two days after the October LSAT? Did you have a unique October LSAT test day experience? The comments section is just waiting to hear what you have to say.