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October 2010 LSAT Instant Recap


So the east coast division of the Blueprint conglomerate reported back to us and the initial reaction is:

It was a relatively straightforward LSAT.

The reading comprehension was dubbed the hardest section, but not because of a particular passage as much as just overall difficulty. Also, there was a logical reasoning question involving an analogy that is rumored to be a candidate for a new question type. (Probably not, but we’re watching this with keen interest).

Apparently, there was no killer game the like of the mauve dinosaur, for which I’m sure test-takers breathed a sigh of relief.

We’d love to hear your initial thoughts on the test. Anything strike you as particularly easy or difficult? How do you think you did? And, most importantly, what are you drinking tonight? LSAC rules prohibit us from posting anything too specific (the experimental section, the answer to a particular problem, etc.) but we’d love to hear your general thoughts!

### In breaking news, our NY affiliates report a rumor that in a testing center in Columbia, the proctor asked that anyone with a phone place it on the table in the front of room. Those that did so were dismissed. Ouch.