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Considering the February LSAT

Is there a case to be made for taking the February test as a first-time test-taker?

There’s a general consensus that to be fully prepared for the LSAT and to have a score in hand at the most advantageous time during the admissions cycle that June is the best time to take the LSAT. That’s certainly our position for most students; here’s why.

However, there may be good reasons to consider studying and taking the February test. The majority of February test-takers are those looking to raise their scores from the December test or VERY last-minute applicants. But there’s nothing wrong or different about taking the February test the year before you intend to start law school. (To be clear: if you’d like to start law school in 2011, the February 2011 LSAT would be a poor choice; I’m making the case that it might be worthwhile to take the February 2011 LSAT to matriculate in Fall 2012).

Here’s why you might consider the February exam:

  • The June exam falls right in your finals week or the week before finals. Many schools on the quarter system fall into this trap. If that’s the case, it would be much better to take the February exam than the October exam (for the same reasons it’s better to take the June exam rather than February).
  • You’ll be travelling over the summer or will be otherwise indisposed in the months leading up to June. I’m not one to believe that LSAT prep cannot be worked into busy schedules, but if you just know April-June will be packed, might as well get the test out of the way.
  • You want to take advantage of the winter break if you’re a student. Those 3 weeks of freedom can be incredibly helpful. Hint: this only works if you actually study over winter break. We’ve seen many students promise to knock out hours of study a day only to be caught up with family activities.

There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the February test as of mid-October; however, if this is an option you’d like to consider you should begin prepping no later than mid-November. You can’t let February LSAT prep slide until winter break.

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