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Maintain Your Study Habits in the Final Week Before the LSAT

Today is Monday. The February 2012 LSAT is Saturday. The fateful day is nearly upon us. You’ll only see five more sunrises before it’s time to take what will possibly be the most momentous test of your academic career. Which is exciting! All of this is almost behind you.

But you have to keep your LSAT study habits in place in this final week.

Keep Taking LSAT Practice Tests, But Don’t Kill Yourself – At this point you’ve been preparing for a long time, and have certainly learned a whole lot. But you have to keep taking tests to keep refining and retaining those skills. That being said, don’t overdo it. This last week should actually be a bit less intense than the last couple months. You want to be sort of winding down and preventing burnout. So no 8-hour marathons anymore. Also, don’t do any studying on Friday. You won’t learn anything new in the last 24 hours, so just rest and relax on that day.

Make the LSAT Practice Tests Realistic – The more your practice tests mimic real testing conditions, the better you’ll do on LSAT test day. This means that you should take practice LSATs in a test-like environment, without eating or drinking or taking unnecessary breaks. Whenever possible, your LSAT practice tests should also be taken in the morning. If your practice feels like the real thing, then the real thing won’t feel like a big deal, and you’ll feel a lot less pressure.

Regulate your Sleep – This isn’t exactly a study habit per se, but it’s very important. For the rest of the week, you should go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. You want to be rested and refreshed Saturday morning, and that’ll be hard to do if you’re waking up a lot earlier than normal all of a sudden. So ease into it now with some 10 p.m. bedtimes.

Keep those things in mind, study smart this week, and soon the LSAT will be behind you!