Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A) A rookie in the NFL is quitting football so that he can go to law school. It makes more sense when you find out he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Yahoo! Sports.

    B) Did Texas lethally inject an innocent man in 1989? Guilty, says one Columbia Law professor. Huffington Post.

    C) When tweeting about your crummy job, remember that your higher-ups might read it and fire you. If you are the higher-up tweeting about your crummy job, you probably deserve to get canned. Wall Street Journal.

    D) According to a recent poll, half of Americans think Facebook is a fad. The other half said they believe the site will be around forever, so if you could spare any FarmVille resources, that would be great. Caller.

    E) If these horses could type, they’d type FML. BuzzFeed.

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