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Logical Reasonings

A) Remember the billionaire inventor of Spanx who bombed her LSATs? Meet Deepti Sharma Kapur, who was in the middle of studying for the LSAT when she came up with the concept of FoodToEat. Betabeat.

B) Is our education system so poor it’s threatening our national security? Condoleeza Rice says so. Time.

C) Congratulations, John Marshall Law School. You topped a list made by US News and World Report. Too bad that list is the top 10 law schools that lead to the most debt. US News.

D) And here are the top 10 law schools that lead to the least debt. Go, Georgia State! US News.

E) Out of more than 10,000 educators surveyed, only 7 percent said they see standardized testing as being essential. Another 82 percent said their school’s break room totally needs better snacks.