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Logical Reasonings

A) A judge has thrown out one of the many lawsuits across the country pitting law school graduates against their alma maters for misleading them about the legal job market. That sound you heard is every law school in America picking up the phone to call this judge. Wall Street Journal.

B) You want to pass bills regulating women’s reproductive health? How’s a bill that limits the ability of men to get a prescription for Viagra, asks Ohio senator Nina Turner. Huffington Post.

C) If you’re thinking about taking a year off before law school (or if you didn’t do too hot on the LSAT and have to take a year off), here are some great ideas to pass the time. University of Michigan Career Center.

D) Or you could spend every day reading the following blog. Law School Ryan Gosling.

E) “If you’re on Facebook a lot, you are a narcissist.” -Scientists Yahoo! News.