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Logical Reasonings

A. Your weekend assignment: sign up for one (or both!) of the two free webinars we’re hosting next Tuesday, June 12. We have one on the law school admissions process at noon PDT and another on the LSAT at 6 pm PDT. You know you’ll want all that guidance we’re offering, and you’ll definitely want the $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom courses and the $50 discount on the first month of an online course subscription we’re giving to all attendees. Blueprint LSAT

B. Perhaps after realizing its enormous blunder with scheduling the July LSAT and the September LSAT registration deadline on the same day, LSAC will offer a full registration refund to July LSAT who signed up for the September test who are satisfied with their July score. LSAC

C. Above the Law explains why its decision to smite Yale Law School in its most recent rankings shouldn’t be as surprising as many believe. Above the Law

D. Trump, who is taking to his pardon power like a three-year old who has just learned the power of the word “no,” is considering pardoning the late Muhammad Ali … whose conviction for evading the Vietnam draft was already overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971. Washington Post

E. It’s official: Reese Witherspoon will once again don the sequined pink bikini of Elle Woods in 2020 for what will probably be called Legally Blonde 3: Blonde Ambition . @reesewithersoon