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Last Chance to RSVP to Our Webinar on the July LSAT!


If you’re about to begin studying for the LSAT, you’re entering a new era of your life. You’re going to take a journey to the woodshed of lore, and you’re going to stay there, patiently and methodically developing the skills you need master this exam. But before doing this, you may ask yourself: where is this woodshed located, and once there, what skills should I focus on, and how do I best develop these skills?

You may have these questions before setting off to study for any LSAT. If you’re setting off to study for the brand new July 2018 LSAT in particular, however, you may have even more questions. The LSAT is also entering a new era with the introduction of this exam. Since the announcement that there would be a new LSAT in 2018, the July LSAT has been a mystery to many aspiring lawyers. If you decided, bravely, to study for this new exam, you may also ask yourself: what’s so different about this July LSAT, and when should I start studying for it, and what happens after I take the July exam?

If you have any of these questions, we’re here to help. Tomorrow, April 25 at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST, we’ll address all these questions and more in a quick, 30-minute webinar entitled “Everything You Need To Know About the July LSAT.” Led by this intrepid blogger, this webinar will provide you with all the info you need on the LSAT in general and the July LSAT in particular to help you start studying. All you have to do is RSVP right here. Make sure you do so soon, because time is ticking down!

Even if you already have the answers to these questions — even if you already know that the best way to prepare for any LSAT is by taking Blueprint’s classroom courses, where students average an 11-point score increase, but you also want to save a little money on said course — we can still help you out with this webinar. We’ll be giving out a discount code good for $300 off any Blueprint classroom course to all virtual attendees of this webinar, so you can drop by for that as well. That discount will be good until 11:59 pm PST on May 9. Again, all you have to do is RSVP here.

Either way, you’ll leave this webinar, armed and ready to start your journey to LSAT success. And if you decide that your best path to LSAT success involves Blueprint’s LSAT courses, we have many options available to you. We have many classes starting up for the July LSAT, listed below. You can even still join some of the courses that have already started; if you’re interested in using that discount code to join one of those classes, get in contact with the excellent folks at the Blueprint office and they’ll help you out with the logistics. Or, if you decide your best chance to conquer the LSAT involves charting a path of your own, you can get some excellent guidance from Blueprint’s online course or our Reading Comprehension and Logic Games guidebooks.

So remember, RSVP to tomorrow’s webinar before 6 pm PST/9 pm EST, and check out the July courses below.

Bay Area:

Berkeley: Starts Saturday, 4/21 with instructor Aaron Cohn

District of Columbia:

Washington, D.C.: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Shir Davidovicz


Chicago: Starts Saturday, 5/12 with instructor Cory O’Brien

Los Angeles:

UCLA: Starts Saturday, 4/21 with instructor Kyle Gehrmann

New York:

Upper East Side 1: Started Saturday, 4/7 with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski
Upper East Side 2: Starts Sunday, 5/20 with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski

Orange County:

Irvine: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Ross Rinehart