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Logical Reasonings

A) Law school can be expensive. Here are some tips to make it affordable — none of which include the rob-a-convenience-store-dressed-as-Gumby idea you might’ve had. Law School Podcaster

B) More details on the University of Illinois School of Law admissions scandal, including an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. The school’s most damning confession: It still sometimes pronounces the S in “Illinois.” National Law Journal.

C) Over the last ten years, law schools have increased externship opportunities 45 percent. Of the students who took part, 100 percent were still called “interns” around the workplace. National Jurist.

D) According to the FBI, violent crimes were down 6 percent last year. Among the causes: better community protection policies, more government programs for recently released prisoners, and a general increase in intimidating-looking old women carrying purses. CNN.

E) Before the internet, people had to pretend what birds would look like with human appendages. Thankfully, we have the internet. Birds With Arms.