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Logical Reasonings

A. Bad news future California lawyers: the California state bar exam’s cut score will not be lowered, at least for now. ABA Journal

B. Good news current Ezekiel Elliott fantasy owners (but bad news for those who would wish those accused of serious sexual assault face some punishment): a Texas judge issued a stay on Cowboys’ running back’s 6-game suspension, allowing him to play this weekend. Dallas News

C. Speaking of that, a case for why the Supreme Court’s Faragher-Ellerth theory of employer liability for sexual harassment has allowed workplace harassment to proceed with minimal checks for decades. Slate

D. The Trump administration prevented an imprisoned, 15-week pregnant teen’s access to an abortion facility. A federal judge told the administration it can’t do that. Now the whole case is being fast tracked through the appeals process, since there’s, you know, a deadline here. Buzzfeed News

E. Finally, who else but attorneys would be fresh on the hunt for evidence that electric company PG&E are to blame for the Northern California wildfires. Bloomberg