Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. When a law school dies, it doesn’t make a whimper. It makes a gasp that reveals that there was a whistle-blower lawsuit that alleged that the law school’s parent company may have defrauded taxpayers of $285 million. NY Times

    B. The ACLU has brought a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of warrantless searches of smartphones, tablets, and laptops at border crossings. ABA Journal

    C. Berkeley Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky also wrote a brief that contends that Trump’s pardon is Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an unconstitutional use of the president’s pardon power. ABA Journal

    D. The Supreme Court, however, continues to block lower court’s decisions that stymie the Trump Administration and matters that benefit the Trump Administration. Today, they blocked a lower court’s order for Texas to redistrict the state’s congressional map. SCOTUS Blog

    E. The CEO of SoFi, the big time student loan refinancing start up, has resigned due to lawsuits that claim he engaged in sexual harassment in the workplace. Apparently a little too much Social, not enough Finance. NY Times

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