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Logical Reasonings

A. The special investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia has expanded to include business transactions between Trump and Russian associates. Bloomberg

B. So Trump is now investigating the investigators, and it looks like we’re getting a lawyer-off. Trump’s team of lawyers is looking into dirt on special council Robert Mueller’s team of attorneys, including possible conflicts of interest. NY Times

C. Oh and Trump is apparently asking – for a “friend,” of course – if the President can pardon the President. That would be a real humdinger of a law school finals questions. Washington Post

D. This is all a lot to handle, so Sean Spicer is resigning as Press Secretary. Washington Post

E. Another Trump-related controversy: Trump, in the crazy NYT interview from this week, mentioned that Japanese first lady Akie Abe doesn’t speak any English. The internet then unearthed a video of her speaking fluent English, leading many to assume she used that as an excuse to avoid speaking to Trump, making her a hero to many Trump critics. But such snubbing would be unfathomable to a Japanese public figure, and she and Trump have hung out a bunch before, and actually she may have funded an “ultra-nationalist kindergarten” (?). Let’s leave this one in the dustbins of history and have a great weekend. LA Times