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Logical Reasonings

A. Tomorrow’s the last day you can change your test date through LSAC—for the cool price of $100. Which means that you only save $80 by changing your test date through LSAC, as opposed to signing up for a later test independently. Still, just thought you’d like a heads up. LSAC

B. Looks like LSAC is considering adding more LSATs throughout year.

C. Attorney General Jeff Sessions went rummaging through the White House trash last week and found a federal drug policy from the 1980s. Then, ever the old klutz, he got it and the modern drug policy mixed up, couldn’t tell them apart, and just decided to implement one of the two, picking one at random. Looks like he chose the one from the ‘80s. Washington Post

D. After SCOTUS weakened the Voting Rights Act in a 2013 ruling, a wave of states enacted measures that ostensibly protected against voting fraud, including North Carolina’s ID-requirement. Then a Fourth Circuit struck down NC’s voting law, saying it deliberately “target[ed] African-Americans with almost surgical precision.” And now SCOTUS is staying out of this mess they made, declining to hear the NC’s case without comment, as is their want. NY Times

E. The Ninth Circuit is hearing arguments on Trump’s revised travel ban today. Expect to brush up on the ad hominem fallacy should the three Clinton appointees sitting on the panel strike down the ban. LA Times