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Logical Reasonings

A. In the last week, the firing of FBI Director James Comey has absolutely dominated the news cycle. So let’s take a look at some of the items that may have fallen through the cracks, starting with the resignation of U.S. Census Director John H. Thompson. As boring as it sounds, the census is massively important for congressional districting and federal funding allocation, and the former Director’s resignation comes at a time when a funding shortfall has led some to question whether we’ll be able to administer the 2020 census. NY Times

B. In the world of law, the legal dust-up between Uber and Google—who accuses the ride-share company of conspiring to steal laser-based navigational technology related to both companies’ aims of creating self-driving cars—will play out in the courts. A federal judge has denied Uber’s motion to settle this debate through private arbitration. Slate

C. LSAC has hired a new HBIC, the appropriately-named Kellye Y. Testy, the dean of the University of Washington. Congratulations to Ms. Testy. LSAT test takers, you now know where to direct your invectives. ABA Journal

D. Some miners in Canada found a sweet dinosaur fossil, a nearly complete fossilization of the armored herbivore nodosaur’s front half. Expect a fun Reading Comprehension passage about this in a couple years. National Geographic

E. After Bow Wow, everyone’s favorite former child rapper, led his Instagram followers to believe he still lived a life of private jets and luxury automobiles, there’s a hot new challenge popping up on social media. Social media users are manipulating their own photos in clever ways to fake a glamorous lifestyle. Which is pretty much the whole point of social media. At any rate, we hope your weekends are as balling as Bow Wow pretends his are. The Verge