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Logical Reasonings

A. For our California students. More support for the idea that you really should not go to a CBA accredited school. Go ABA accredited, please. Wall Street Journal

B. Not surprisingly, a University of Oregon law school professor was deemed to have violated the school’s anti-discrimination because she wore blackface for Halloween. File this under, “Wow, you really ought to know better since you’re a professor at a major law school.” The Oregonian

C. Are we going to cooperate with Russia? Or have another nuclear arms race? Y’know, one of the two. Or maybe both. Neither? Who knows? Not like it matters. Politico

D. Are the totally unsubstantiated reports that Kimye is spending $100,000 per month on therapy true or false? It doesn’t matter, but you’re gonna read this damn story anyway because you can’t look away. CinemaBlend

E. For the first time, Consumer Reports does not recommend the MacBook Pro. Apple seems to be losing its way without Steve Jobs at the helm. CNN