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Logical Reasonings

A. Beware the pitfalls of putting down a deposit for a seat at a law school to which you’ve been accepted. US News & World Report

B. Dora the Explorer caught vaping. Vaper, no vaping! Vaper, no vaping! The Virginian-Pilot

C. The Feds have fined Goldman Sachs $5 billion over their role in the 2008 financial crisis. CEO Lloyd Blankfein was quoted as saying, “Yeah, we’re totally sorry… sorry you’re poor, suckers!” PBS

D. Turns out a top North Korean military official defected to South Korea last year. Kim Jong Un’s reaction was to continue to wear a crazy smile and crazier hairdo. USA Today

E. Super-duper classy Florida first lady Ann Scott reads to fifth graders about prostitutes and the like. The New Times