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LG – College Applicants 3

Seven college applicants – Michelle, North, Oscar, Pachai, Quinn, Raul, and Savannah – are admitted to three different colleges – X Y and Z. Two students are admitted to X, two students are admitted to Y, and three students are admitted to Z. The following conditions must apply:
1. Michelle is admitted to the same college as Savannah
2. Pachai is admitted to a different college than Quinn
3. If Oscar is admitted to college Y, then North is admitted to college Z
4. Pachai is admitted to Z

3. Each of the following could be an accurate partial list of the applicants accepted to college Z EXCEPT:
A. Pachai, Savannah
B. Michelle, Savannah
C. North, Oscar
D. North, Raul
E. Savannah, North

CORRECT ANSWER: (E) – Savannah, North
EXPLANATION: If Savannah is accepted to college Z, Michelle must be accepted to college Z per rule #1. So two spots out of the three are already taken, and per rule #4 we know that Pachai has to be in Z at all times so there is no room for North.

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