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Last Round of Fall Classes Start This Saturday!


Visualize next year, around this time. Do you see yourself starting law school? If so, the December LSAT is your last chance for many law schools. If you want to prepare for the December LSAT, Blueprint’s last round of classes for the fall starts this weekend. It’s time to get started or wait another year.

The classes starting this weekend all have their first session this Saturday, 9/23. The classes are:

Washington DC, taught by Maria LaBella
New York 3, taught by Kevin Lin
Berkeley 2, taught by Aaron Cohn (hey, that’s me!)
Downtown LA 2, taught by Kyle Gehrmann
UCLA 3, taught by Nick McIntosh

If you sign up for any one of these classes, you’ll get everything that comes with a Blueprint LSAT class: more than 100 hours in the classroom, access to every released LSAT question, incredible online resources, a brilliant and engaging instructor who’s scored in the 170s, and so much more. Our students increase their scores by 11 points on average, and in the world of law school admissions that’s huge.

In honor this year’s study confirming our 11-point average score increase, we’re offering a discount: enter the code PLUS11 to save 11% off any of the courses above. That discount expires October 15, so that’s another reason to get started now.

If you don’t see your location above, courses in many other locations just started. It might not be too late to join up. You can check out all our classroom course offerings here.

By next week, all these classes will have started. If the December LSAT passes you by, you likely won’t be able to start law school until 2019. 2019. That’s a year that sounds like it’s something from science fiction. Who knows if the world will still be around by then? If the human species somehow makes it through, you have a chance to be at least a 2L by then, but only if you take the December LSAT. The decision is yours.