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Last Chance to RSVP to Tomorrow’s Webinars!


Are you thinking about taking the November LSAT? If you’re not, maybe you should be. Remember, there’s no December LSAT this year. After November, your next chance to take the LSAT is in January and that’s getting a little bit late if you want to start law school next fall.

So if you’re thinking about law school, it’s really time to get started. We at Blueprint are here to help you get started right now, or at least, well, tomorrow. We have two webinars coming up tomorrow covering all kinds of useful stuff about law school admissions. What’s even better is that if you attend, you’ll get a discount on Blueprint’s brilliant LSAT prep classes you’ll get $300 off of a classroom course or $75 off your first month’s subscription to the online course.

But to show up, you have to RSVP. No more procrastinating. Start today by committing to starting tomorrow. Don’t think too hard about those last two sentences.

Admissions Webinar: Wednesday, August 22, at 12 pm PT

First, at noon PDT, we have a webinar about law school admissions. Your host, Ross Rinehart, has walked the walk — he took his 170 on the LSAT right to USC Law. Since then, he’s helped countless students with the LSAT and with law school admissions.

You’ll cover all the elements that go into a law school application. You’ll talk about the numbers: what do they mean; how do they get calculated; how do law schools prioritize them? You’ll also go over the not-numbers: how should you choose a personal statement topic; whom should you ask for a recommendation and how; should you submit any additional essays?

Finally, you’ll go over how the above relates to your chances of getting in to law school, and how your chances of getting into law school relate to your chances of doing the kind of work you’d like to do as a lawyer.

LSAT Webinar: Wednesday, August 22, at 6 pm PT

Next, at 6 PM PDT, we’ll have a webinar all about the LSAT, led by Kyle Gehrmann. Kyle is a veteran Blueprint LSAT instructor and he’s been an LSAT hero to many students over the years. He took his own 171 on the LSAT to University of Chicago Law School.

In this seminar, you’ll go over everything about the LSAT. What does it cover? How is it scored? How do law schools use your scores in deciding whether to admit you? How does that go on to affect the rest of your life? You’ll also get to go over some real LSAT questions to get a feel for how we at Blueprint like to approach them.

Again, if you show up you’ll get a sweet discount on top of all that useful knowledge. If you don’t, well, too bad. To show up you have to RSVP, so don’t dawdle and RSVP right now.