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Last Chance to RSVP to Tomorrow’s Webinars!

Random person who wants to go to law school, who is also an imbecile: “I’m going to spend months trying to figure out what the LSAT is on my own, and then many more months after that trying to figure how to apply to law school.”

You, a person who also wants to go to law school, but is a genius and not an imbecile: “I’m going to take a few hours this Wednesday to learn about all that stuff. Oh, also I won’t have to leave my house to do so.”

Random person, imbecile: “I’m going to learn about that stuff through independent online research and maybe rely on questionable sources who tell me all kinds of wrong stuff.”

You, genius: “I’m going to learn about that stuff from two veteran Blueprint instructors who have helped hundreds of students conquer the LSAT and apply to law school.”

Random person, imbecile: “For my trouble, I will get no reward.”

You, genius: “In addition to learning about the LSAT and law school, I will be rewarded with a $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom course or a $75 discount the first month of the online course subscription.”

Don’t be that idiotic random person. Be yourself, who, as we’ve established, is a genius.

We’re hosting two webinars tomorrow, January 31st, and they’re completely free and chock-full of helpful information on how to study for the LSAT and how to apply to law school. So RSVP to tomorrow’s webinars, and prove that you are a genius.

The first webinar will begin at 11 am PST and will focus on the LSAT. We’ll providing a complete overview of that exam, letting you know what’s on the test, how it’s scored, when to start studying, and how law schools factor your LSAT score into your application. You’ll even get started on the study process by doing some practice problems with the veteran instructor.

The second webinar will begin at 5 pm PST and will take you through every step of the law school application process. We’ll cover when to start collecting your application materials, how to approach professors to get a letter of recommendation, how to start writing your personal statement, and much more.

All you have to do is RSVP to reserve your space and receive an invitation to the webinar. Make sure to do so, because all attendees of either webinar will receive a promo code for $300 off a Blueprint LSAT classroom course or $75 off the first month of the online course subscription. Only an imbecile would pass up such a great offer.