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June 2012 LSAT Takers – Score Day Is Nigh

Are you ready for what I’m about to tell you, June LSAT takers? Today marks the beginning of an epic saga, a series of trials unlike any you have faced before, which will test your strength, your perseverance, and yes, your mental stability. This week is LSAT score release week.

What this means is you will receive your June LSAT scores this week. We know this because we have visited the LSAT gods at the Temple of Logos, and they have shown us that it shall be thus. (We also know that you will receive your LSAT scores because we have been doing this for a very long time, and LSAC, the LSAT demigods, have always and forever, since the beginning of LSAT time, released scores on time).

Every bit of goods news, however, always comes packaged with a bit of bad. The rapidity with which the LSAT can be scored in thanks to Michael Sokolski, the inventor of the Scantron. This hero of men, women, and children everywhere, has passed away.

But move on we must, so let’s talk a bit more about those June LSAT scores. When will they be released, you ask? Such knowledge is too powerful to be handed down to mere mortals, but we can surely speculate. The official June LSAT score release date is this Friday, July 6th. For the past seven years, however, they have been released at least one day prior to the official release date. This would mean a release date of no later than Thursday, July 5th. Prior to the February 2012 score release date (i.e., the most recent LSAT), scores had been released at least two days before the official release date.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: tests will definitely not be released on the Fourth of July (something this jerk failed to notice in a post last week). So if you haven’t received your scores by Tuesday evening, enjoy your 4th of July with your friends, rather than glued to your computer screen. My best guess for LSAT scores being released: Thursday, July 5th. Good luck, everybody!

-Editor- Way to be a double jerk, Ben. Initial reports are coming in that scores are coming out today!


EDIT: That’s right folks, June LSAT scores are out! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, keep checking your inbox! Remember, LSAC releases scores in random batches, meaning some students could get their scores several hours after the first batch. But whether it’s sooner or later, you’ll get that e-mail sometime today. Good luck!