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June 2012 Score Release Date is Here!

For those of you who weren’t already obsessively refreshing your LSAC account and GMail, scores are starting to be released for the June 2012 LSAT.

Initial reports state that a question was removed from scoring. This is the same as it never having been on the test at all – whether you got it right or wrong, it won’t affect your score in any way. To top it off, the question was a Logic Games question. As the one section on the test where you can absolutely prove your answer, it’s a little weird to see a question removed from scoring in that section. My guess is that the wording of the question was ambiguous, not the answer. We’ll have more on this when we see the test.

As far as the score conversion goes:

A raw score of 90/100 earns you a 170.
A raw score of 73-74/100 earns you a 160.
A raw score of 54-55/100 earns you a 150.

That’s pretty tight, historically. We’ve been seeing more lenient conversions recently, but June is infamous for it’s tough conversions (though that does suggest the test is easier).

More reports as they come in, but feel free to post your own info in the comments section! This time, with less moderation!