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January 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival


With the January LSAT behind us, it’s time for another LSAT Carnival to round up the online forum discussions about the exam. As with every LSAT in the history of Reddit, students with nothing to do but wait for their scores took to their laptops to analyze or simply vent about their experience.

If I had to name a distinguishing feature from this round of LSAT discussions, it would have to be the colorful vocabularies of January LSAT-takers. Millennials, am I right?


One of the January test takers gave a new definition to putting your “blood, sweat and tears” into the exam …


And for any LSAT students who have not yet completed an official exam, the January takers had some simple advice: get sleep and actually show up.


At least one test-taker found a practical use for their Logic Game skills …


A bunch of students waiting on their January scores are seeing Valentine’s Day on the horizon …


And one LSAT student made a test prediction to rival the predictions of the most learned Blueprint instructors


While the online forums can’t help somebody who’s currently waiting on for the release of their LSAT score, it sure does kill time, and occasionally, provide entertainment for those of us who aren’t waiting in LSAT purgatory for the score release. As long as that’s the case, the LSAT Carnival will continue to bring you the best of the internet reactions to the LSAT.

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